Platelet Aggregation Profiler

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von Willebrand Assay (Ristocetin Cofactor)
Calculates and plots “best fit” standard curve
Reports test results in percent activity
Stores von Willebrand Factor standard curve for future use
Prints data on a log-log chart

Platelet Aggregation
Four channels allow simultaneous performance of a routine aggregation profile
Automatic 0% - 100% baseline settings
Reports slope value and final percent aggregation
Prints aggregation patterns in real time

Leukocyte Aggregation
Adjustable stir speed meets method-specific RPM requirements
Convenient four channel setup for dose response studies of chemotactic stimuli or pharmaceutical agents
Provides percent transmission for cell suspension standardisation
Maintains optimum temperature for cell viability and reactivity

Heparin Induced Platelet Aggregation
Four channels allow the simultaneous monitoring of the patient plasma sample and the recommended controls
Different heparin concentrations can be used to increase sensitivity
Permits the use of Arachidonic Acid Reagent to confirm platelet viability and functional status

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Platelet Aggregation Profiler

Manufacturer Alpha Laboratories Ltd

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