PL–3: CO Grating Tuned Carbon monoxide (CO) Laser

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The PL series of continuous wave (CW), grating tuned, infra-red gas lasers sets the standard for high power, stable sources for a wide variety of applications from molecular spectroscopy, non-linear optics, interferometry, process control, atmospheric studies, plasma density measurements and much, much more.

The PL-series of lasers include grating tuned CO2 lasers with a step tunable wavelength from 9-11μm with single line powers from a few Watts (Model PL2), to 50W (Model PL5) and even to 180W (Model PL6) each characterised by excellent amplitude and frequency stability for the most technically challenging tasks.

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PL–3: CO Grating Tuned Carbon monoxide (CO) Laser

Manufacturer Edinburgh Instruments Ltd.

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