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Alpha Pipette Tracker - schedules calibrations, automates data collection, performs all calculations and produces all required reports. It is suitable for single and multi-channel pipettes & dispensers of fixed or variable volume, as well as volumetric glassware.

Alpha Pipette Tracker V3.2 brings a new level of automation, organisation and documentation to pipette calibration.

Meets ISO/EN 8655, ISO 9000, NCCLS and GLP requirements
Automatically schedules pipettes for calibration
Automatically collects data from any RS232 balance (Bi-directional)
Preloaded with a database of specifications for over 700 pipettes
Maintains a complete calibration history for all pipettes
Includes 4 modes for performing calibrations: Addition, Addition-Tare, Subtraction and Subtraction-Tare
Corrects for temperature, barometric pressure and relative humidity
Performs all calculations associated with pipette calibration
Records User and pipette tip data
Supports Windows® 2000 or Windows® XP

Fully Conforms to International Standards
Pipette Tracker meets GLP and ISO 9000 requirements and fulfills the requirements of ISO/EN 8655-6:2002. Custom protocols, based on a laboratory's internal SOPs, can also be configured and saved.
Alpha Pipette Tracker PRO is unique in that it fulfills the requirements of FDA 21 CFR part 11 as well as ISO/EN 8655-6:2002 and a full Validation Toolkit is also available.

Automated Reporting
Includes an extensive range of reports including worklists, inventory lists, summary and detail calibration reports, history, test plan and method documentation, which can be customised to suit specific requirements.
Reports can be saved in formats including Word®, Excel®, PDF, HTML, ASCII, SPC and TIF making Pipette Tracker compatible with virtually any reporting, archiving or document management application.  Pipette Tracker PRO can operate with Oracle and SQL databases.

System Requirements
Windows® 2000 or Windows® XP
Pentium II 400 or better processor
RAM: Minimum 128 MB
Serial Port for RS232