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Pipette Tips

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Traditional Loose
Loose, clean tips in durable, resealable polyethylene bags for bench top use.

Tips in Racks :
This format offers you the added convenience of being able to sterilise racked tips by autoclaving as and when required.
Sterile : Pre-sterilised by gamma irradiation, these provide the convenience of sterile tips immediately to hand.

Sterile, Individually wrapped :
Ideal for when only a small number of tips are required at a time. Durable polyethylene packaging keeps the tips sterile up to the point of use.

Racked Tips in Stacks or Refills :
By nesting 10 x 96 tip arrays huge numbers of tips can be stacked in a small space.  Some come as nested racks, others are stacked as refill tips separated by a wafer. The latter can then be transferred to empty racks for use.

In line with new research developments Alpha Laboratories continually improve their range to meet your demands. As well as providing a wide range of loose, racked and sterile tips Alpha Labs also provide:

Low Retention Tips
These are produced with an ultra-smooth surface which reduces the amount of sample retained by the tip. Perfect for dispensing viscous solutions, precious samples or particularly small volumes

Filter Tips – Aerogard®/ZAP™
Using these prevents aerosol contamination of your pipette and samples. This is particularly important during PCR procedures or when handling high risk samples and radioisotopes

Gel Loading Tips
Round or flat with a choice of 0.17 and 0.37mm widths

TubeGuard® Tips
A wider tip collar protects the pipette tip cone from contamination when pipetting inside narrow tubes

FlexTop™ UltraFine™ Tips
The flexible tip collar provides an excellent seal whilst the ultrafine point allows precise dispensing of small volumes

16 Channel Finnpipette® Fit Tips
Designed to fit the 16 channel Finnpipette® 384, these 50µl tips are ideal for dispensing into 384 well microplates