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"This is very easy and comfortable to use. It is a good product. "

Review date: 27 Jan 2014 | PIPETMAX®

PIPETMAX® - Increase reproducibility of your biological sample prep

PIPETMAX, with assistance from qPCR Assistant software, carries out the qPCR method setup for you, reducing technical variability and eliminating cross-contamination. PIPETMAX will let you advance your science and increase the pace of your experiments. Numerous technical replicates are often included in the experimental design in order to compensate for user inconsistencies, however that wastes samples, time and reagents. PIPETMAX prepares every assay with proven consistency, delivering high precision and accuracy in routine pipetting tasks.

The versatility of PIPETMAX allows you to run a multitude of different applications saving you bench space and unnecessary spending. Many types of labware/devices and various samples are all supported by this lab assistant, and the hardware and software are built to be customizable.

Manual sample preparation can often be inefficient, complex and time-consuming. This leads to increased training requirements, preparation time, procedural errors and operational costs.

PIPETMAX®, from Gilson, is an easy-to-use, automated liquid handling platform than can solve these problems with automated sample preparation solutions. Unlike traditional automation platforms, PIPETMAX® comes at a size and price that is accessible to any lab, and has a PIPETMAN® inside!

PIPETMAX™ Features & Benefits:

  • MAXimize Consistency - With the precision and accuracy only an automated lab assistant can provide.
  • MAXimize Capability - Increase your lab’s pace by making procedural errors a thing of the past.
  • MAXimize Your Options - With a platform-independent solution that works with a variety of different reagents and kits.
  • MAXimize Efficiency - By removing yourself from routine pipetting and focusing on science.
  • MAXimize Your Space - With a solution that fits on your lab bench and works next to you.
  • MAXimize Traceability - With simple, automated run reports.
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