PIPETMAN Concept® by Gilson, Inc.

Manufacturer Gilson, Inc.

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PIPETMAN Concept® is an ergonomic, motorized pipette that virtually eliminates variability of results. The most ergonomic pipette on the market, Concept requires virtually zero force to aspirate or dispense. It also has an exclusive utility software which enables you to create and store customized operating protocols on your PC, to transfer protocols directly into your pipette, and to manage your maintenance program.

• Intuitive mode and rapid volume selection with a single navigation button
• Continuous operation with rapid battery charge (80% in 1 hour) and optional spare battery
• 5 standard pipetting modes: Automatic, Automatic + Mixing, Manual, Repetitive, Reverse
• Adjustable, patented tip-ejector stroke for maximum compatibility with various brand tips

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PIPETMAN Concept® by Gilson, Inc. product image