PIPETMAN® L Multichannel by Gilson, Inc.

Manufacturer Gilson, Inc.

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PIPETMAN® L Multichannel
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Aspirate and dispense your samples with confidence!
PIPETMAN® L Multichannel's unique internal design applies even, equal pressure from either side of the pipette, rather than on the center of the channels like other multichannels do. So, unlike other brands, L Multichannel offers incredibly high accuracy and consistency of measurement on each and every channel.

Robust, Comfortable and Lightweight!
Like the single channel PIPETMAN L, the Multichannel also offers an extremely lightweight pipette, that has been designed to fit naturally in your hand. Its new shape ensures a perfect fit while the new hook reduces tensions while holding it. An adjustable tip ejector button has also been implemented to adapt to both right- and left-handed users. Its shape provides intuitive and comfortable handling of the pipette whatever the size of your hand.

NEW-Gilson Patented Volume Locking System!
PIPETMAN L is an adjustable volume pipette that features a Gilson patented volume locking system. The operating rod is fully disconnected from the counter assembly during pipetting phases so once locked into place, the volume will not be accidentally changed. This GLP feature, among other features, meets the current needs of intensive pipette users who desire accuracy and precision without sacrificing comfort.

2D Identification Code for Easy Traceability
This tracking feature includes the part number, date of manufacture, serial number and the nominal volume. With a universal scanner, you can download pipette information onto an Excel sheet or into your own software for tracking purposes.

Product Range:

FA10010 PIPETMAN P12X20L, 2 - 20 µL
P8X10L PIPETMAN P8X10L, .5 - 10 µL
P12X300L PIPETMAN P12X300L, 20 - 300 µL .
FA10009 PIPETMAN P8X20L, 2 - 20 µL .
FA10012 PIPETMAN P12X200L, 20 - 200 µL.
P8X300L PIPETMAN P8X300L, 20 - 300 µl 
P12X10L PIPETMAN P12X10L, .5 - 10 µL 
FA10011 PIPETMAN P8X200L, 20 - 200 µL