PIPETMAN® L Fixed by Gilson, Inc.

Manufacturer Gilson, Inc.

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PIPETMAN L Fixed compliments the already successful PIPETMAN L single and multichannel models by offering a fixed volume pipette for maximum results and reliability.

Robust, Comfortable and Lightweight:
With the PIPETMAN® L, you can now enjoy an extremely lightweight pipette that has been designed to fit naturally in your hand. Its new shape ensures a perfect fit while the new hook reduces tensions while holding it.

Extremely Low Pipetting Forces:
PIPETMAN® L offers an enhanced new design resulting in extremely low pipetting forces minimizing the onset of fatigue.
• A new piston assembly has been developed to drastically improve the pipetting and purge forces.
• A new shape and new mechanism for the tip ejection system dramatically reduce the tip ejection forces by up to 50% over the PIPETMAN® Neo.

Accurate Pipetting:
PIPETMAN® L range guarantees the best results with better performance than ISO specifications

Secure Pipetting:
No risk of error of the delivered volume.

2D Identification Code for Easy Traceability:
This tracking feature includes the product reference, date of manufacture, the serial number and the nominal volume.

PIPETMAN® L is available in 15 fixed models covering a volume range from 1 μL to 5000 μL.