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PIPETBOY pro – Enlightened pipetting from INTEGRA Biosciences

Accuracy, speed and ergonomic design are the essential characteristics realized in the PIPETBOY pro in order to productively work with all serological pipettes of 1-100 ml.

Designed for error-free and comfortable pipetting, the white LED light integrated in the PIPETBOY pro provides an optimal illumination of the area around the pipette, ensuring accurate pipetting and preventing eyestrain.

A highly accurate flow control is achieved simply by applying variable finger pressure on the pipettor trigger buttons, changing between drop-by-drop dispensing or fast motorized pipetting at speeds of up to 10 ml/s. Weighing just 190 grams and ergonomically designed to comfortably fit in your hand, the PIPETBOY pro makes even prolonged pipetting effortless.

Features and benefits of the PIPETBOY pro from INTEGRA Biosciences:

• Integrated LED illumination of pipette for error- and eyestrain-free working
• Fine control of pipetting via finger pressure enables accurate drop-by-drop dispensing.
• Quiet and strong pump for high pipetting speed of up to 10 ml/s.
• Lightweight and ergonomic design for maximal comfort.
• Removable and autoclavable pipette holder module for highest cleanness and safety.
• Five colours to choose from according to personal preferences and lab organisation.

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