PIPETBOY acu - Pipet Aid by INTEGRA Biosciences

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PIPETBOY acu - Pipet Aid

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PIPETBOY acu – Total control on your pipetting

Liquid handling in the millilitre range using serological pipettes is a daily task in life sciences labs. Unlike rubber bulb fillers, the use of pipettors makes handling of liquids very efficient. The PIPETBOY serological pipettor combines all essential characteristics for productive work with pipettes: precision, speed and reliability.

The pipetting aid PIPETBOY acu is used with serological pipettes in the volume range 1-100 ml. Pipetting is controlled by two operating buttons and an adjustment wheel for setting the pipetting speed. Precise drop-by-drop dispensing is easily possible when applying a slight pressure on the operating button. The PIPETBOY acu is powered by high-performance NiMH battery that alerts you when it needs recharging. To avoid contaminations with accidentally absorbed liquids the PIPETBOY acu is protected by a sterile filter. The PIPETBOY acu is available in different colours.

Features and benefits:
• Precise finger-control of pipetting enables accurate dispensing, even drop-by-drop.
• Quiet and strong pump for high pipetting speed.
• Long battery operating time for extended pipetting sessions.
• Autoclavable pipette holder module for highest cleanness and safety.
• Six colours to choose from according to lab organisation.