Pipet-Aid Elite 400 by Drummond Scientific Co.

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Pipet-Aid Elite 400

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Pipet-Aid Elite 400 from Drummond Scientific - Rapidly Dispense Aliquots with Unsurpassed Programmable Precision

• Highly intuitive user-friendly programming functions
• Faster, more accurate repetitive pipetting down to 0.1 mL
• Lightweight and comfortable to use with effortless
•“Easy Touch” buttons and comfort pads
• Accommodates pipet sizes up to 50 mL

The new Drummond Programmable Pipet-Aid Elite 400 sets an advanced standard for fast, accurate pipetting and easy comfortable operation. Using a 10 mL pipet it is possible to dispense highly reproducible volumes in increments as little as 0.1 mL.

The ergonomic design includes an integral stand to allow the unit to be easily set down when not in use while preventing contamination of the pipet. The new quick release nosepiece makes changing filters a snap. The Programmable Pipet-Aid Elite 400 is supplied complete with plug-in power supply.