Pipet-Aid (Drummond)

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There are 3 models to choose from:

Pipet-Aid® XP is small, lightweight and fully portable. The tissue culture nosepiece comes as standard and proportional pipetting speed puts you in total control with independently adjustable aspirating and dispensing speeds, substantially reducing the risk of over-pipetting. A handy snap-on stand is supplied allowing you to rest your Pipet-Aid® with your pipette attached.

Pipet-Aid® Portable is perfectly balanced and the tissue culture nosepiece is supplied as standard. Proportional pipetting speed allows you to avoid jetting and vortexing of your sample which can cause contamination and sample loss.

Pipet-Aid® Plain is a corded model which allows you to autoclave the hand piece, eliminating bacterial and viral contamination.  The pipetting speed is proportional to finger pressure and the tissue culture nosepiece can be fitted as an optional extra.

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Pipet-Aid (Drummond)

Manufacturer Alpha Laboratories Ltd

3.7 / 5.0 | 1 reviews