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New Gold Standard in Fragment Screening.

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Pioneer FE
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The Pioneer FE platform is based on high quality surface plasmon resonance (SPR) for real-time, label-free measurements of biomolecular interactions.

The system utilizes OneStep® Injection technology to diffuse the compound solution into a moving stream of buffer to create a concentration gradient during the injection. With this dynamic approach, an analyte titration of three orders of magnitude can be recorded in one continuous injection. This eliminates the need to prepare a full dilution series required in other SPR instrumentation. This changes the paradigm for fragment screening as affinity (KD) analysis can be performed on primary screening data.


Key Benefits of the Pioneer FE for Fragment Screening:

  • Make decisions early on with reliable affinity (KD) and kinetic (kd, ka) data directly from the primary screen
  • High throughput: up to 768 samples in 24 hours in a single experiment
  • The only SPR instrument to perform fragment binding competition assays in a single injection
  • Normalize screening data across different sensor chips, days, users or instruments to compare an entire screen campaign and select actives from the global data set