PILATUS 200K Hybrid Pixel Array Detector

Manufacturer Rigaku Corporation

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Rigaku now offers the PILATUS 200K as the standard detector for Rigaku HomeLab systems.

PILATUS detectors are true photon counting devices that combine the following features to make them the best commercially available detectors for protein crystallography:

  • The highest sensitivity,
  • The lowest readout noise,
  • The fastest readout time,
  • The lowest point spread function,
  • Fully air-cooled and maintenance free.

Whether you’re collecting data for small or weakly diffracting samples or collecting data for S-SAD phasing, a Rigaku system configured with a PILATUS detector ensures the most accurate data collection for your samples. The PILATUS 200K is also ideal for high throughput screening and ligand binding studies, especially when coupled with an ACTOR automatic sample changer.

PILATUS 200K Hybrid Pixel Array Detector Features:

  • Direct detection
  • Excellent point spread function – top hat
  • Excellent signal-to-noise ratio via single photon counting
  • Adjustable threshold to suppress fluorescence
  • High dynamic range: 1:1,048,576 photons per pixel
  • High counting rates: up to 2x10⁶ photons per second per pixel
  • Short readout time: 7 ms
  • Frame rate up to 20 images per second
  • Electronically gateable
  • Radiation tolerant design

PILATUS 200K Hybrid Pixel Array Detector Applications:

  • Macromolecular and small molecule crystallography.
  • Ligand binding studies.
  • Crystal screening for synchrotron trips.
  • De novo structures.