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PicoStar Series
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PicoStar is a state-of-the-art ultrahigh repetition rate, fast gated intensified CCD camera. The camera is ideally suited for use in conjunction with high repetition rate mode-locked lasers. Typical applications are: time-resolved imaging and spectroscopy, fluorescence lifetime imaging microscopy, single molecule or quantum dot imaging and spectroscopy, multifocal multiphoton microscopy, fluorescence resonance energy transfer microscopy, time-gated imaging and optical tomography. The camera features are: optical gate width down to 200ps; gating rep. rate up to 110 MHz, gain modulation up to 1 GHz; UV-NIR spectral range, single photon sensitivity, 2-D photon counting mode, dynamic range up to 16 bit, and high spatial resolution. The system is completely computer controlled and comes with a user-friendly, high performance, comprehensive Windows compatible software for peripheral device control (laser, spectrograph, filter, shutter, stepper motors, camera functions, etc.), image acquisition, processing and data analysis routines. An upgrade of the camera allows exposure time down to 50 ps at rep. rate up to 10kHz. This highly unique camera system has been recognized with the 1999 Photonics Circle of excellence Award.

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