Pico Pro Vial, 4 mL, case of 2000

Manufacturer PerkinElmer, Inc.

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The Pico Pro Vial™ is a 4 mL scintillation vial made from HDPE and is uniquely suited for use in cell harvesting systems and general purpose LSC counting.

A push-on/stay-on cap provides fast closure of vials. For use in the trays of cell harvesting systems, the caps are connected in strings of six, with spacing corresponding to the 6 x 16 formats of the trays.

After the glass fiber filters are completely dried, simply punch into Pico Pro Vials and add up to 4 mL scintillation cocktail such as Ultima Gold F. Lay a string of caps over a row of six vials, and press the caps onto the vials until a click is heard. The connections between the caps are automatically broken, and the remaining strings are folded upwards.