PICASO® - Pipette Calibration Software by Eppendorf

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PICASO® - Pipette Calibration Software
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Laboratories in the diagnostics and research sectors demand the utmost accuracy and precision from liquid handling devices. GLP guidelines stipulate that error limits should be checked at regular intervals.

Pipettes can generally be used over a long period of time without requiring any maintenance. In individual cases, leaks may occur as result of decomposition of the piston grease caused by frequent pipetting of aggressive liquids, and it is essential to recognize this problem before it is too late. To enable the accuracy and precision of a pipette to be monitored and documented throughout its entire operating life, we offer you PICASO, our Pipette Calibration Software.

The new generation of PICASO is a completely revamped program for recording and processing measuring data from gravimetric or photometric pipette tests.

PICASO can be used to test all pipette types from various different manufacturers as well as other liquid handling devices, such as bottle-top dispensers.

Calibration display for calibrating pipettes

  • Choice of pipette type and volumes (via quick-sort function for filters)
  • Choice of guidelines for measurement (test standard)
  • Ambient conditions can be entered
  • Pre-measurement possible
  • User guided through measurements
  • Software in german, english and french
  • Test protocol printout in spanish, italian and portuguese