PhyTip® Chromatography Columns for HTP Protein Purification

Manufacturer PhyNexus, Inc.
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Rating: 4.3

  • Application Area: HiTruput purification

"This product is really easy to use, has a good binding capacity and you get reproducible results. The handling is very simple and customer friendly. The boxing of the tips for shipping can be improved though. If you don't use the whole pack at once it is a bit impractical the way it is. Would be better to have a box that can be closed properly again after opening."

Review date: 15 Apr 2013 | PhyTip® Chromatography Columns for HTP Protein Purification
PhyTip® Columns offer automated, flexible and scalable solution for biomolecule separation. The PhyTip® technology platform enables chromatography using automated bench top platforms (for up to 12 samples in parallel) and robotic liquid handling systems (for up to 96 samples in parallel). The unique design of the PhyTip® affinity columns allows bidirectional flow of the sample through the column to maximize the use of the resin by increasing capture and elution of the target protein, leading to the highest yield possible. The screens surrounding the resin at the base of the column allow elution volumes as low as 10 µL, and therefore high concentration product. In addition, the high efficiency bidirectional washes lead to the highest possible sample purity.

A wide range of sample sizes can be processed from a broad selection of column bed sizes and chemistries, including affinity, ion exchange, gel filtration, normal phase and reverse phase. Resin bed volumes range from 5 µL to 320 µL.

Standard Column Sizes:
• 200 µL column with 5 or 20 µL resin
• 1000 µL column with 10, 20, 40, 80, 160 or 320 µL resin

PhyTip chromatography applications include:
• Antibody library screening
• Protein engineering
• Drug target discovery/identification/validation
• Chromatin immunoprecipitation
• Purification and enrichment of protein complexes
• Protein interaction studies
• Epitope mapping
• Membrane protein surfactant screening
• Ion Exchange Purification Condition screening
• Ion exchange protein purification
• Immunogenicity
• Many more…

A custom specific resin packaging service is also available.