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Photolab Spektral
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The all-round instrument for laboratory use photoLab ® Spektral offers free selection of wavelength between 330 nm to 850 nm with a free choice of wavelength. A high-quality Zeiss optical module is at the heart of this contains spectral photometer. Its no-wear technology no mechanical parts.

In operating mode, the photometer carries out regular AutoChecks thus ensuring correct measuring results. These can be checked and documented using the AQA functions.

Comfortable Handling

photoLab ® Spektral is as easy to use as every other photoLab ® series photometer from WTW: "AutoSelect" for automatic test recognition of coded cuvette with all necessary wavelength and calibration settings. After inserting the cuvette, the large well-laid-out graphics display immediately shows the reading in the desired form. Up to 1,000 stored measured data can be output via PC or serial printer.

photoLab ® Spektral contains the complete range of available test kits. Updates of the stored method data are available for download from the WTW home page.