pHotoFlex Turb by Xylem

Manufacturer Xylem

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pHotoFlex Turb
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The portable photometer pHotoFlex Turb has all the features of the pHotoFlex and additionally offers the ideal complement of turbidity measurement!

This is an ideal combination wherever fluids, from water to wine, have to be measured in the field. In such cases, turbidity, pH and photometric parameters will often play a role.

In addition to 6 wavelengths for photometric measuring, pHotoFlex Turb has an infrared light source for the measurment of turbidity. The measurement is nephelo-metric (90° scattered light) and complies with the requirements of DIN 27027/ISO 7027. The measuring covers the range from 0 … 1100 NTU, and the result can be displayed in FNU units, too. The operation of the portable photometer is very ergonomic and complies with all GLP requirements: All measured data are stored together with date and an identification number. Calibration is supported by a self-running routine.

A standard set is supplied for the 3 points calibration of the instrument (0.02 … 10 … 1000 NTU). As with pHotoFlex, pH functions are integrated with pHotoFlex Turb as well.