pHotoFlex photometer by Xylem

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pHotoFlex photometer
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Portable Measuring: Environmental monitoring, process control and water analysis with pHotoFlex, pHotoFlex Turb and Turb 430 IR

WTW has developed a new line of field instruments based on optical measurement, designated pHotoFlex, pHotoFlex Turb and Turb 430 IR.

The instruments have been designed to extract the optimum performance from the latest generation optics optics with state-of-the-art LED technology. Using these optics and an intuitive easy-to-use software, the units offer best-in-class performance.
Remarkable features include:

  • Low power consumption
  • Robust
  • Display-driven user interface
  • Waterproof
  • Integrated smart cuvette adapter
  • Hand held

The exceptional versatility of the pHotoFlex, pHotoFlex Turb and Turb 430 IR makes them ideal for use in process control, water analysis, and the beverage industry.

Both the pHotoFlex and pHotoFlex Turb are equipped with a pH function, measuring the full pH range from –2.00  to +16.00.  The pH measurement is simplicity itself, offering automatic temperature compensation and auto buffer recognition.

For turbidity measurement the Turb 430 IR offers a large range from 0-1100 NT/FNU. Outstanding features include: Automatic 3-point calibration, GLP compliant data export via RS 232, calibration record and the setting of a calibration interval.

The pHotoFlex Turb has been designed specifically for the drinking water industry. Advanced features including a “light trap” minimise stray light for accurate readings even with low concentration samples. Performing one of the advanced calibration methods further improves accuracy.

The pHotoFlex and pHotoFlex Turb are true all-rounders, allowing the use of a wide range of test reagents with 16 and 28 mm cuvettes. An integrated variable smart adapter allows easy change over from one cuvette type to another.

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