PHOTOCHEM® Antioxidant Analyzer by Analytik Jena Analytical Instrumentation

PHOTOCHEM<sup>®</sup> Antioxidant Analyzer by Analytik Jena Analytical Instrumentation product image
PHOTOCHEM® Antioxidant Analyzer

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PHOTOCHEM® – analysis of the antioxidative capacity of water-soluble or lipid-soluble substances with the PCL method.

For the determination of the:

  • Integral antioxidative capacity of most diverse substance mixtures, such as blood plasma, food, cosmetics, and pharmaceutical products
  • Antiradical properties of individual substances
  • Activity of superoxide dismutase

With the PHOTOCHEM®, Analytik Jena offers the first system solution for the quantitation of antioxidants in water-soluble and lipid-soluble systems. Due to the use of the method of photochemiluminescence, the fast photochemical excitation of radical formation is combined with sensitive luminometric detection.

  • First instrument for the measurement of water-soluble and lipid-soluble antioxidants on a single system
  • Extremely short measuring times – < 3 min for a concentrated sample
  • Very high sensitivity – nanomolar concentrations of non-enzymatic antioxidative substances, as well as microgram tenths of superoxide dismutase
  • Diverse applications in medicine, naturopathy, environmental medicine, beauty culture, chemical industry and agriculture and forestry
  • System solution for the measurement of antioxidants: Instrument + standardized ready-to-use kits for different applications,
  • Simple handling – sampling, measurement and rinse cycles are automatic