Cr-Phasing HomeLab by Rigaku Corporation

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Cr-Phasing HomeLab

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Anomalous scattering with soft X-ray radiation creates new possibilities in phasing for macromolecular crystallography. The heart of a Cr-Phasing HomeLab is any Rigaku rotating anode generator with a chromium anode.

All Rigaku rotating anode generators can be equipped with chromium (Cr) targets to provide the foundation for a Cr-Phasing HomeLab. All Cr-Phasing HomeLabs use the same optics and choice of large aperture detector.

VariMax™ Cr optics maximize the beam produced by the Rigaku generators and deliver it exactly where it is needed: on the crystal. Incident and exit helium beam paths reduce air absorption and reduce background scatter. Since Cr radiation expands the diffraction pattern relative to Cu, a large aperture detector, such as the Rigaku R-AXIS IV++ or R-AXIS HTC, is recommended.

As with all Rigaku’s protein crystallography systems, the HKL3000-R software suite provides instrument control, data processing, and structure solution capabilities.

Cr-Phasing HomeLab Features:

  • Microfocus rotating anode X-ray generator
  • Chromium anode
  • Optional dual wavelength (Cr/Cu) anode
  • Single or (optional) dual wavelength VariMax optics
  • Large aperture imaging plate (IP) detector
  • Helium X-ray path
  • Single φ (vertical or inverted) goniometer
  • HKL-3000R software