PGN004 PureGenome™ Next Generation Sequencing Library Validator Kit

Manufacturer MilliporeSigma

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The quality of sequence obtained from Next Generation sequencing platforms such as Illumina, Inc. requires the accurate determination of input library DNA. Loading too much DNA can lead to overlapping clusters and loss of read counts whereas too little input can lead to poor read lengths and lower sequence output. The PureGenome™ NGS Library Validator Kit measures the absolute amount of adapter-ligated, sequence ready DNA in Illumina-compatible NGS libraries. In conjunction with a user-supplied SYBR® Green Master Mix, the kit is a fast and reliable way to quantify DNA or cDNA sequencing libraries. The assay is capable of quantifying singleplex or multiplex (indexed) libraries via a straightforward qPCR test. This kit is optimized for use alongside the EMD Millipore Corporation PureGenome High Efficiency NGS Library Preparation Reagents: PureGenome NGS Library DNA Modifier (PGN001-1EA), PureGenome Library A-tail Enhancer (PGN002-1EA) and PureGenome NGS Library DNA Amplifier (PGN003-1EA), but is compatible with most DNA libraries designed for Illumina-based instruments.

*Note: PGN001-1EA, PGN002-1EA, PGN003-1EA should be purchased as a set for lot-matched qualtiy controlled solution for NGS library preparation.