Personal Molecular Imager™ (PMI™) System (170-9400) by Bio-Rad

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Personal Molecular Imager™ (PMI™) System (170-9400) by Bio-Rad product image
Personal Molecular Imager™ (PMI™) System (170-9400)
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100/240 V, PC or Mac, includes Quantity One ® software, sample tray, USB 2 cable.

The Personal Molecular Imager system is the most flexible isotope imaging and laser scanning system available, offering radioisotopic imaging using you choice of storage phosphor screen. The PMI system accomodates both large (35 x 43 cm) and small (20 x 25 cm) storage phosphor screens, as wel as a wide range of storage phosphor screens for the quantitation and imaging of P-32, P-33, S-35, C-14, and H-3. It supports the use of Kodak (BaFBr:Eu) screens, which can be used with standard autoradiography cassettes. The system is also compatible with screens from other suppliers.

Storage phosphor technology offers the ultimate in isotopic sensitivity, with exposure times typically one-tenth that of film. In addition, its quantitative accuracy is far superior.