Perfusion Pressure Kit - 8-ch by AutoMate Scientific Inc.

Perfusion Pressure Kit  - 8-ch by AutoMate Scientific Inc. product image
Perfusion Pressure Kit - 8-ch
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0-10 psi precision pressure regulator and pressurized syringe holder.

For anyone who needs:

* Faster liquid-switching
* Steady flow rate
* Microinjecting
* Fine microliter delivery
* Small pipette delivery

Can be added to any new or existing perfusion rig - from AutoMate Scientific, any third-party manufacturer, even homemade.

Connect to house air or a compressor (30 to 100 psi).

Stainless steel construction includes a 5 micron bowl filter and gauge. Elegant design allows individual control of each air line.

8x 60ml syringes and 2-way stopcocks - Other syringe choices available. Pressure overrides perfusion system syringe choice.
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