Perfinity Workstation (Automated Protein Sample Prep)

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The Perfinity Workstation is a multi-column apparatus that automates protein separations and mass spec sample preparation. Automated integration of affinity selection, buffer exchange, proteolysis and desalting steps enables users to start with serum and in 10 minutes have peptides ready for LC/MS analysis. In addition to the dramatic reduction in time required to have peptides ready for LC-MS analysis, it enables researchers to obtain consistent, high-quality results (CVs < 10%) and achieve a significant reduction in cost per sample.

The Perfinity Workstation combines the selectivity of antibodies with the resolving power of chromatography. Buffer exchange and desalting are performed on-line. The reduction in sample-processing time enables users to screen a variety of conditions rapidly.

The major advantage of the Perfinity Workstation’s sample-preparation approach is that users are not required to immobilize antibodies. Instead, scientists can add antibodies directly to the sample. By removing the immobilization process, users have eliminated a potential source of error, making LC/MS analysis with Perfinity Workstation more accurate and reliable.

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Perfinity Workstation (Automated Protein Sample Prep)

Manufacturer Shimadzu Scientific Instruments Inc.

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