Perfectprep® Plasmid Isolation Kits

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Eppendorf Perfectprep Plasmid Isolation Kits

Many molecular biology applications require ultra-pure plasmid DNA. Perfectprep Plasmid Isolation Kits utilize an enhanced alkaline lysis step in conjunction with an extremely efficient DNA binding matrix to separate the plasmid DNA from unwanted chromosomal DNA and RNA.

The nucleic acids adsorb to the matrix under high-salt conditions. Polysaccharides and proteins are not bound to the matrix and are removed. The bound DNA is washed and eluted subsequently under low-salt conditions from the glass matrix.

The Eppendorf Perfectprep Kit provides plasmid DNA equal in purity to CsCl purified DNA without the use of organic solvents. Perfectprep Kits do not require special equipment. Perfectprep Kits can be used to isolate plasmid DNA from as little as 1 ml of culture to as much as 800 ml. Quantities of up to 6 mg DNA have been isolated from 300 ml of culture using the Perfectprep Maxi Kit.

Plasmid DNA purified using the Perfectprep Kits can be employed directly in molecular biology procedures including restriction endonuclease digestions, manual and automated fluorescent sequencing, transfection of cultured cells, dsDNA mutagenesis, and PCR.

Quality Assurance

Each lot is tested for performance in plasmid DNA isolation as described in the protocol. The isolated plasmid DNA is then evaluated for quantity and quality by spectrophotometric assay, successful digestion with a wide variety of restriction endonucleases, automated fluorescent DNA cycle sequencing and transfection of cultured cells.