Peptide Bundle by Merck KGaA, Darmstadt, Germany

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Peptide Bundle

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Merck Millipore: Everything from one source for reliable peptide synthesis PyBoB®, Novabiochem® and 5,000 other high quality products

With a comprehensive product portfolio, Merck Millipore covers the entire peptide synthesis process: production, purification and identification. Users gain proven products in consistent and superior quality from one source. Reliable products (peptide synthesis reagents, high purity solvents, chromatography columns) prevent unexpected results in peptide synthesis. In total, the Merck range currently includes more than 5,000 organics and reagents for peptide synthesis. The portfolio is constantly being improved and expanded.

The benefits of Merck Millipore products:

• Everything you need for peptide synthesis, purification and identification from one source
• 5,000 proven products in consistently superior quality
• Wide range of packaging sizes, optimum batch consistency
• Technical expertise and support with documentation and application examples

PyBOP® – the classic
One of the most widely used products is PyBOB®. As with all our building blocks, reagents and solvents, it is available in customized packaging sizes.

Novabiochem® – 960 products, one brand
Merck Millipore markets over 960 products under the Novabiochem® brand. These include reagents for peptide synthesis, high-throughput organic chemistry, labeled peptides and customer-specific products. The Novabiochem® Catalog contains many detailed protocols, application examples and tips, making it an important source for researchers involved in peptide synthesis and combinatorial chemistry.

High purity solvents
Merck Millipore also supports users in peptide synthesis with high purity solvents for absolutely reliable results. This includes our new range of products with a low amine content. A dimethylamine content of less than 10 ppm prevents uncertain results.

Chromatography products
Users can count on Merck's over 100 years of experience in chromatography for purification, too. Products such as Chromolith®, Purospher® STAR and SeQuantTMZIC®-HILIC HPLC columns ensure maximum peptide purity with minimum effort.