PentaVacTM by Raptor Photonics

Manufacturer Raptor Photonics

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PentaVac™ is a small vacuum chamber in a lightweight, self-contained package which houses an imaging sensor. Proprietary sealing techniques and advanced multistage getters assembled in a Class 100 Cleanroom environment ensures a lifetime vacuum guarantee with a mean time between failures of 100 years.

The vacuum will not only enable cooling it will also protect the quality and integrity of the
sensor. With options of both water and air cooling, PentaVac™ offers flexibility to match customer requirements. As you would expect from all Raptor products PentaVac™ is ruggedly constructed, designed and leak-tested to MilSpec standards (MIL-STD-883H).

It will operate in extreme environmental conditions ranging -40 to +71°C. And with low operating power, it makes it simple and easy to integrate. PentaVac™ also enables fast thermal stabilisation with full control to an accuracy of +/- 0.01ºC allowing experiments to take place very quickly.

Cooling down to Δ-111°C PentaVac™ will deliver ultra-low dark current as well as minimize hot spots and blemishes during longer exposure times. it will also ensure longer camera lifetime.

Key Features:

- Deep cooling down to Δ-111°C – minimise dark current in long exposures
- Long lifetime – multi-getters enabling integrity and longevity of sensor performance.
- Small and lightweight – perfect for OEM and instrumentation requirements
- Rugged – designed and tested to MillSpec standards operating in a range of extreme environments
- Low power – better efficiency for easier set-up and integration