PD-Tip™ Syringe Tips by BrandTech® Scientific, Inc.

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PD-Tip™ Syringe Tips
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Very convenient to use in peptide synthesis lab
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  • Application Area: peptide synthesis, purification and sample preparation

"I have used PD-tips for over one year with organic and water based media. The PD-tips are very good quality, they can handle many organic solvents like DMF, NMP, TFA, and methanol. The amount of delivered liquids is consistent, even after repeated use (over 20 times per tip). I use them to prepare peptide solutions and aliquots. From time to time I control the consistency using an analytical balance and PD-tips performance is very good."

Review date: 06 Dec 2016 | PD-Tip™ Syringe Tips
BRAND encoded PD-Tip™ syringe tips are manufactured from high-quality virgin plastics for use with most standard repeating pipettes in a wide variety of applications. PD-Tip syringe tips are made without lubricants or chemical additives to prevent reagent contamination.
PD-Tip syringe tips can be used with the BRAND HandyStep® S and HandyStep® electronic repeating pipettes, the Eppendorf® Repeater® and EDOS® 5221; the Rainin® AutoRep™ E and AutoRep M, and most standard repeating pipettes and come in a NEW 1mL and 10mL size! PD-Tip syringe tips are encoded for recognition by the BRAND HandyStep electronic repeating pipette and the Rainin AutoRep E pipette.
A precision seal between the piston and cylinder ensures smooth operation, increased accuracy, and increased precision. Extended piston design minimizes dead volume and maximizes fluid utilization.
PD-Tip syringe tips are available in non-sterile and BIO-CERT® varieties. BIO-CERT PD-Tip syringe tips are sterile and certified free of DNA, RNase, endotoxins, and ATP to meet the most stringent sample integrity requirements.

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PD-Tip™ Syringe Tips by BrandTech® Scientific, Inc. product image

PD-Tip™ Syringe Tips

Manufacturer BrandTech® Scientific, Inc.

5.0 / 5.0 | 1 reviews