PCR8 Laminar Flow Prep Station by Labcaire Systems Ltd

PCR8 Laminar Flow Prep Station by Labcaire Systems Ltd product image
PCR8 Laminar Flow Prep Station

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Labcaire PCR8 Prep Station has been designed for where a containment free PCR need to be performed but also were operator protection is required.

The cabinet offers clean air over the work surface to better than class 100, whilst also offering full containment BS BN 12469:2000, therefore protecting the operator from any hazardous materials.

The cabinet comes complete a timed UV light and interlocked lightweight door for a safe automatic sterilisation of the enclosure, along with instruments such as flasks, pipettes and sample tubes between amplifications.

Airflow alarms are fitted as standard on both laminar flow and face velocity airspeeds whilst a uniform face velocity is achieved with the unique air intake configurations. Safety interlocks are also used on the folding sash, ensuring & 100% safe and efficient operation at all times.

The cabinet is constructed of epoxy coated zintec mild steel with a stainless steel work surface and clear glazing to three sides. The clear panels used in conjunction with overhead internal lighting ensure maximum illumination of the working area.

Containment and laminar flow are achieved in use of HEPA (high-efficiency particular air) filters making the cabinet easy to install as now connection to services are required, other than mains electricity.

Airflow Charteristics

The air is drawn through the front aperture in a uniform manner via the unique grille consideration.

It travels underneath the work surface and behind the back panel of the cabinet where any large part that is removed by the HEPA filter. The air is then drawn into the plenum chamber where 70% of it is recirculated back into the cabinet via the first HEPA filter to create the downward laminar flow.

The remaining 30 percent of there is then expelled through the exhaust HEPA filter where any hazardous material is filtered out.


Class 100 clean air
Filter seals under negative pressure
UV sterilisation of work area
Stainless steel work surface
Quiet operation at 58dB (A)
Unhindered access to work area


Airflow: Vertical laminar airflow >0.4M/sec
Filters: 2* HEPA 99.997% TO 0.3µ particulates
Prefilters 90% efficient EVF Grade EU7
Seals: Under negative pressure
Build: Worksurface in 316 Stainless Steel Cabinet in epoxy powder coated Zinc
Side panels in 6mm Polycarbonate
Noise: 58dB(A)
Electrical: 240 Volt 50Hz: Power 450W
UV Light: 254nm at 18 Watts
Fan: Centrifugal, sparkless to IP44
Lighting: 2x 15 Watt fluorescent

Product Overview

PCR8 Laminar Flow Prep Station by Labcaire Systems Ltd product image

PCR8 Laminar Flow Prep Station

Manufacturer Labcaire Systems Ltd

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