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PCR setup STARlet

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The Hamilton PCR setup STARlet is a versatile solution for PCR setup and optional sample normalization. Four different platform configurations with 4 and 8 x 1 ML independent channels are available for varying throughputs and budgets. The optional "autoload" function (integrated barcode scanner) enables full traceability throughout the setup process.

The software consists of a graphical user interface (GUI) that easily guides through the setup process. Preconfigured algorithms and refined liquid handling parameters enable accurate setup of even low volume PCR assays in 384 plate format.

With its outstanding deck capacity of 25 SBS plate positions compared to the small system footprint, the Hamilton PCR setup STARlet is a class of its own.


• Reaction setup for a wide range of PCR types in 96 and 384 PCR plate format but also strips or even rotor discs
• Quick PCR setup, from simple two step reactions (templates + ready to use Master Mixes) up to 4 steps with separate primers, enzyme mixes and optional dilution step
• Advanced PCR setup with up to 7 PCR components/steps and completely free PCR plate design
• Normalization of input samples within a range of 1/10 000 to required target concentration
• Multiplexing, by pipetting up to four primer mixes/ can also be used to pipette different PCR reagents such as internal controls etc.
• Master Mix preparation in reaction with up to 6 components


• Highly flexible and user friendly system for a wide range of PCR types and protocols
• Full reagent and labware flexibility, no supplier limitation
• Reagent saving pipetting
• Time saving due to reusable setups and optimized pipetting order
• Traceability of all input parameters though the whole setup process
• LIMS integration possible