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PCR Purification

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StrataPrep PCR Purification Kits

The StrataPrep PCR purification kits provide a rapid method to simultaneously purify PCR products from PCR primers, unincorporated nucleotides, buffer components, and enzymes.

  • Removes primers, unincorporated nucleotides, buffer components, enzymes, and nonspecific amplification products
  • Accommodates purification of PCR products from 100 bp to long PCR amplicons
  • Highly purified DNA, ready for use
  • No need to remove oil overlay
  • No hazardous organic extraction or ethanol precipitation
  • Ideal purification for high throughput sequencing and microarrays

StrataPrep DNA Gel Extraction Kits

The StrataPrep DNA gel extraction kit allows rapid, high-yield isolation of pure DNA from agarose gels. The DNA extraction solution is added directly to the gel slice of interest and then transferred to the unique microspin cup.

  • Rapid, high yields of agarose-isolated DNA up to 10 µg
  • Routinely recovers 70-85% of DNA fragments from 250 bp to 9 kb
  • Effective purification of DNA fragments ranging from 100 bp to 23+ kb
  • Versatile protocolworks with all neutral gel buffers and both conventional and low-melt agarose gels
  • High transformation efficiencies

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