PCR Prep CoolSystem, Ice-Free by BioCision, LLC

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PCR Prep CoolSystem, Ice-Free

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Complete ice-free PCR preparation kit. Stable workstation and uniform temperature control for 200ul PCR tubes, plates and strips. Eliminate temperature variability, minimize risk of contamination and ensure highly reproducible results through standardization of procedures typically performed in ice.

CoolBox PCR96 comes with re-chargeable cooling cartridge and thermo-conductive CoolRack PCR96. CoolBox is constructed out of highly durable closed-cell high-density foam; does not absorb moisture, can be cleaned with bleach. Precision-engineered thermo-conductive CoolRack modules ensure well-to-well temperature uniformity across all plate/tube wells. Minimizes variability, user error and contamination.

Kit includes:CoolBox PCR96 - Ice-free cooling container for 96-well 200ul (0.2ml) PCR plates/tubes/strips. Keeps all wells at uniform temperature (0.5C to 4.0C) for up to 10 hours. CoolRack M15 - Thermo-conductive CoolRack for 15 1.5ml or 2.0ml PCR reagent tubes. Keep reagents uniformly cold, stable and organized when on ice. Mini 1L Ice Pan - Unbreakable, insulative ice container to keep CoolRack M15 cold on ice. BioCision BCS-243