PCR Optimization Kits by Agilent Technologies

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PCR Optimization Kits
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  • 10X Reaction Buffers
  • Deoxynucleotide Mix, PCR Grade
  • PCR Polishing Kit
  • Perfect Match PCR Enhancer
  • Taq Extender PCR Additive  

  • 10X Reaction Buffers
    These reactions buffers contain the optimal magnesium concentration for efficient PCR.

    • Ideal for optimal PCR performance
    • Standard 10X formulation
    • Optimized for use with specific PCR enzymes

    Deoxynucleotide Mix, PCR Grade

    The PCR grade deoxynucleotide mix includes 25 mM of each standard dNTP (GATC) for use with any PCR application, including real-time quantitative PCR.

    • Produces high-quality reaction products
    • Withstands multiple freeze-thaw cycles without compromising efficiency
    • An essential component of primer extension reactions

    PCR Polishing Kit
    The PCR Polishing Kit is designed to increase the blunt-ended cloning efficiencies associated with polymerase chain reaction (PCR)-generated fragments.
    • Optimizes blunt-end cloning efficiencies associated with PCR-generated fragments
    • Generates blunt-ended DNA fragments in 30 minutes
    • Optimizes the PCR-Script cloning method
    • More efficient than Klenow polishing

    Perfect Match PCR Enhancer
    Perfect Match PCR enhancer is an additive that increases the specificity and yield of primary PCR amplification products. When added to genomic in vitro amplification reactions, Perfect Match PCR enhancer destabilizes many mismatched primer-template complexes that would otherwise result in a heterogeneous population of amplified molecules.

    • Increases yield and specificity of primary PCR amplification products
    • Minimizes formation of poorly matched primer-template complexes
    • Add to genomic PCR reactions to destabilize many mismatched primer-template complexes

    Taq Extender PCR Additive
    Taq Extender PCR additive improves the reliability and yield of conventional Taq-based PCR amplifications. Taq Extender additive increases the efficiency of Taq DNA polymerase extension reactions during each cycle of PCR by reducing mismatch pausing, resulting in a greater percentage of completed extension reactions.

    • Improves length, yield and reliability of PCR
    • Enhances efficiency of template extension by Taq DNA polymerase
    • Improves amplification of difficult targets

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