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PCR Cabinet
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PCR Workstation

When undertaking PCR reactions it is important to protect against contamination by DNA from any source.

UV irradiation is an efficient steriliser, breaking down DNA sequences so that replication cannot occur in a subsequent amplification process.

PCR UV Workstation
• Acrylic windows offer exceptionally clear all round vision and do not allow transmission of UV
• Control system allows the choice of timed UV exposure from 5 – 30 minutes
• Door sensors switch off UV lamps if door flap is opened, ensuring operator safety 
• Filtration system delivers air to Class 100 quality
• Electronic filter saturation indicator
• Fan noise level better than 50 dBA

• Door sensors switch off UV lamps if door flap is opened, ensuring operator safety
• Acrylic protects the operator from beta emissions from commonly used ³²P labeled compounds

Notes regarding filtration:
HEPA filters (H14 Grade) are certified to CEN EN 1822 which stipulates a minimum efficiency of 99.995% when challenged with a MPPS of 0.1 to 0.2µm (Most Penetrating Particle Size).

SPECIAL BIGNEAT FEATURE: Fan speed increases when door is opened to maintain air velocity to 0.45 m/s at the front access aperture.

Available 800mm wide as PCR UV cabinet, or as a UV sterilisation cabinet (no HEPA filtration).