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Popular VARIO®

This popular VARIO® chemistry pumping unit provides vacuum control by precise and continuous adaptation of the diaphragm pump's motor speed. The integrated CVC 3000 vacuum controller is able to perform fully automatic evaporations with the push of a button. The compact size and low weight of the pumping unit offer great convenience in the lab. The pump's variable motor speed responds to demand, reducing energy waste and mechanical wear, ensuring unrivalled service life for the diaphragms. The pumping unit is also popular for its nearly silent operation. The PC 3001 is based on our MD 1C VARIO-SP chemistry diaphragm pump; its 2 mbar ultimate vacuum is ideal for applications even with high-boiling-point solvents. The highly efficient and insulated exhaust vapor condenser has a very compact design, and provides near-100-percent recovery of solvents

This pumping unit is ideal for vacuum applications with high-boiling-solvents. The hysteresis-free vacuum control prevents superheating and foaming and therefore protects samples and ensures a constantly high process safety. The unique controller automatically detects vapor pressure and automatically adjusts the vacuum level to the process requirements, making it ideal even for complex evaporations. If cooling water is not available or water conservation is critical, consider the PC 3001 VARIO TE with dry ice condenser, or the PC 3001 VARIO with the coolant-free Peltronic™ condenser. For exceptionally large amounts of vapor, the PC 3001 VARIO +IK — with an additional condenser on the vacuum side — is an excellent choice.

Performance features:

  • easily operated CVC 3000 vacuum controller with clear text menus, with integrated venting valve
  • automatic adaptation of the vacuum level throughout the process for high process reproducibility and unattended operation, short process times due to zero-fluctuation (hysteresis-free) vacuum control, even for large amounts of vapor
  • excellent ultimate vacuum even with gas ballast
  • whisper quiet and ultra low vibration
  • excellent environmental friendliness due to efficient solvent recovery