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Biomarker Discovery with Tissue Microarrays

Using PathXL™ TMA, TMA experiments can be performed anytime, anywhere, reducing administrative costs and time. PathXL™ TMA is perfectly designed to support TMA scoring workflow and already used by pathologists worldwide, the system allows configuration of experiments in minutes. Access and view clinical metadata, the TMA core, scoring criteria and the TMA map all on a single interface

Easy to configure and easy to use. Navigation icons allow you to step from one core to another, pause and restart with the navigation system always keeping track of where you are on the TMA. Histopathology, IHC or FISH scores are securely stored centerally for immediate or subsequent review.
PathXL™ TMA runs entirely online allowing you to get your TMA project off the ground immediately. PathXL™ TMA is unique, allowing you to manually score TMAs quickly and easily and helping you evaluate new tissue biomarkers in TMAs.