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PathStation Grossing Hood Imaging System

The PathStation Solutions provide a complete “In-Hood” imaging system for uninterrupted workflow. PathSuite software and hardware are created (and customized as required) specifically for your lab.

The PathStation includes all mounting hardware and lighting for specific grossing hood model and has been optimized for smooth task-oriented workflow. Hands-free operation of camera is accomplished via foot pedal or voice commands. Images are easily annotated, and specimens measured directly on the touch screen. Barcode scanners provide specimen tracking. Auto filing capabilities allow for instant image storage to case files on your file server or to your dedicated LIMS system.

Key Features:
•  5.0 Mp computer controlled camera
•  16x computer controlled zoom lens
•  High frequency, color balanced, cool LED lighting
•  Sealed construction for easy maintenance
•  Specific bracketing to mount system into your specific grossing hood
•  Ergonomic arms position monitor, keyboard and mouse comfortably
•  Footswitch control of image preview and acquisition
•  Barcode scanner for case data input and tracking
•  LIMS interface provides seamless transfer of images to your LIMS
•  Live preview of image and full control of zoom, focus and exposure
•  Easy annotation and pre-calibrated measurements