PathHunter™ Flash Detection Kit by DiscoveRx Corporation

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PathHunter™ Flash Detection Kit

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High-throughput-ß-arrestin Assays: Now with 30-second Detection

With the PathHunter™ Flash Detection Kit, ß-arrestin recruitment by a GPCR can now be detected in 30 seconds¡--permitting screening of up to 1,000,000 compounds in 48 hours. Fast PathHunter ß-arrestin chemiluminescent assays, unlike lengthy reporter gene assays, greatly minimize the opportunity for off-target effects. A ligand-activated, GPCR-arrestin interaction combines two ß-galactosidase fragments, enabling rapid detection in a homogeneous format. The kit is designed for plate readers with onboard fluidics and flash detection mode. Additionally, screening campaigns can be accelerated by conducting ß-arrestin and calcium assays in the same well when using instruments capable of real-time fluorescence and flash chemiluminescence.