PathDetect DR5/RARE Cis-Reporting System

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The PathDetect Signal Transduction Pathway cis-Reporting Systems are designed for simple, rapid, and convenient assessment of the in vivo activation of signal transduction pathways. There are a series of inducible reporter plasmids that contain the luciferase reporter gene driven by a basic promoter element (TATA box) plus a defined inducible cis-enhancer element.

  •  Identify pathway-specific transcription activation
  •  Easier, faster than Western blotting or gel-shift assays
  •  Sensitive, quantitative assays
  •  Antibodies now available
  •  Stable cell lines available for constitutive expression of CREB, Elk1, c-Jun, and CHOP
  •  PathDetect Trans-Reporting Systems -Identify specific stimuli that leads to the phosphorylation of a test transcription factor

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PathDetect DR5/RARE Cis-Reporting System

Manufacturer Agilent Technologies

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