PatchStar Micromanipulator by Scientifica Ltd

Manufacturer Scientifica Ltd
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PatchStar Micromanipulator
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Rating: 5.0

  • Application Area: Patching

"This is easy to use for experiments including in-vitro slice work. The patch star customizes to special uses therefore perfect for multiple patching. It links up to imaging. Has a nice design. "

Review date: 02 Dec 2013 | PatchStar Micromanipulator
The PatchStar is an ultra-stable, super smooth micromanipulator with extremely low electrical noise. With a versatile, modular design and user friendly responsive controls, the PatchStar is perfect for a wide range of electrophysiological, microinjection and other demanding positioning requirements. Ergonomically designed in collaboration with leading electrophysiologists, the PatchStar will increase productivity and ensure quality recordings, resulting in it being the first choice in many labs worldwide.

Attention to detail and modular versatility means that the PatchStar can adapt to your present and future experimental needs. The ability to easily computer control and multiplex these devices ensure that they are suitable for the most demanding applications.

• Ultra Stable - Less than 1 micron of drift in 2 hours, allows long term experiments
• Low noise electronics - suitable for single channel recordings
• Super smooth motion - 20 nm resolution and quality engineering means that you can confidently position your electrode or probe
• Choice of Controls - Control Cube, Joystick, PatchPad or PC
• Four axes of motion - maximum positioning versatility
• Easy pipette exchange - increased productivity and reproducible positioning
• Auto angle detection - pipette axis motion for accurate sub surface positioning
• Modular Design - easily configured for left or right-handed operation
• Choice of Accessories - customise your PatchStar to suit you