Pascal 240 by Thermo Fisher Scientific

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Pascal 240
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The mercury porosimetry technique is one of the most useful methods to investigate the porous structure of solid samples in a quantitative way. It provides reliable information about pore size/volume distribution, particle size distribution, bulk (envelope) density and specific surface for most porous solids. The main highlights of the Pascal series porosimeters are exceptional speed of analysis and high resolution. The Pascal systems are widely used in both QC/QA labs as also in Research and Development sectors. The Pascal system, therefore, provides accurate results independently from the sample nature and/or the operator’s experience. In addition, our dedicated software fully controls the instruments and easily generates reports in a variety of formats.

This Pascal 240 measures  pores down to the lower mesopore region and operates in the classical range from atmospheric pressure up to 200 MPa.  Developed to meet the sophisticated analytical requirements of laboratories working with modern materials.