Papain Dissociation System by Worthington Biochemical Corp.

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Papain Dissociation System

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Worthington’s Papain Neural Cell Isolation System is a complete kit for the convenient, consistent isolation of single, morphologically intact neural cells for culture, flow cytometry or other applications.

The method is based upon published techniques using papain to gently dissociate CNS tissue providing higher yields and viability than commonly used trypsin procedures. Each kit includes five single-use enzyme vials, EBSS, enzyme inhibitor and is functionally use-tested to assure performance.

Proteolytic enzymes are widely used in cell isolation. With some tissues papain has proved less damaging and more effective than other proteases. Lam found that papain produced the least trauma for turtle retina and single photoreceptor cells have been isolated from adult salamander retina with papain. Huettner and Baughman described a method using papain to obtain high yields of viable, morphologically intact cortical neurons from postnatal rats. Finkbeiner and Stevens applied the Huettner and Baughman method to the dissociation of postnatal rat hippocampus.

The Worthington Papain Dissociation System is a set of reagents intended for use in the tissue dissociation method of Huettner and Baughman. The materials are designed for convenience and simplicity and are useful to the occasional user as well as the more experienced and frequent user.