Panasonic MDF-U33V -86°C Laboratory Freezer

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The MDF-U33V -86°C Freezer from Panasonic, with patented VIP technology

Panasonic VIP (Vacuum Insulated Panel) technology uses compressed layers of open cell foam insulation under vacuum to reduce Freezer wall thickness, resulting in compact laboratory freezers with spacious interiors whilst still maintaining optimum insulation properties. Precious storage and laboratory space no longer needs to be taken up by thick layers of insulation.

The new MDF-U33V laboratory freezer is one of three sizes in our range of VIP Freezers, its capacity is 333L or 11.8 cu.ft. Yet the exterior footprint remains at only 670mm wide and 867mm deep, making it possible to fit these laboratory freezers into even the tightest laboratory spaces. Other Sizes are available in the VIP range MDF-U55V (519L 18.3cuft) and MDF-U76V (728L 25.7cuft)

The MDF-U33V is so compact that many Freezers can be positioned into spaces where previously only one or two would fit. This may allow your laboratory to assign each individual user with a personal Freezer, giving each user convenience as well as added sample safety.

VIP technology is not the MDF-U33V's only desirable feature. Panasonic's superior cooling technology ensures the most accurate interior storage conditions possible.  The new MDF-U33V acheives 12% lower energy consumption than the previous MDF-U32V, The MDF-U33v's vast collection of alarm functions ensures the safety of your samples is maintained. The new status alert monitors both ambient and system conditions and will notify the user of any abnormal conditions. Insulated inner doors prevent any leakage of cool air, and therefore help to maintain inner temperatures reached.

Access into the Freezer has been made even simpler than conventional Freezers, with the addition of a sturdy one-handed door latch. 

Each component within Panasonic Laboratory Freezers is designed specifically for use within that particular model of Freezer and so will perform as required without exception.

No other laboratory freezer in the world can compare in terms of conservation of lab space, energy, the environment and your valuable research funds.

Options Include:

  • CO2 backup system
  • Chart Recorder 
  • Inventory Racking Sytems

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