MCO-5M-UV-PE IncuSafe Multi gas Incubator by Panasonic Healthcare Europe

Manufacturer Panasonic Healthcare Europe  |   Model: MCO-5M-UV-PE
Personal-size compact Multigas Incubator

MCO-5M-UV-PE IncuSafe Multi gas Incubator by Panasonic Healthcare Europe product image
MCO-5M-UV-PE IncuSafe Multi gas Incubator
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The MCO-5M IncuSafe Multigas Incubator is ideal for personal use so can eliminate cross contamination from other scientists' work.

In addition, if the Incubator is for personal use, you can reduce enviromental shock to your work caused by continual door opening and closing, since you only access the incubator when you need to.

Product features:

  • Capacity: 49L
  • Temperature: Ambient +5C to 50C
  • CO2 level: 0 to 20%
  • O2 level: 1% to 18% and 22% to 80%
  • Triple stackable
  • Alarms

Contamination is less of a concern with the SANYO range of CO2 and Multigas Incubators.

All of the SANYO Incubators in this range feature IncuSafe - a copper-enriched stainless steel interior which expresses a natural germicidal attribute, inhibiting growth of moulds, fungi, mycoplasma and bacteria. Decontamination therefore takes place all day, every day, automatically without disruption to your routine or your samples. For critical applications UV-Safe automatic decontamination systems are also available. This optional UV Illuminated air duct automatically maintains contamination free air and humidity conditions in the chamber.