Panasonic Large Capacity -20C Freezer

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The Panasonic MDF-U731M Laboratory Freezer provides a storage capacity of 690L. This Laboratory Freezer is ideally suited for  all laboratories and can be used for storage of many types of products such as, enzymes, vaccines and other precious samples.

Sample protection is a key design of this Laboratory Freezer, The “Full Cold Wall” technology ensures rapid temperature recovery and provides a very even temperature distribution throughout the storage chamber. A comprehensive Alarm Systems provides further sample protection.

For sensitive samples the user settable High and Low Temperature Alarms can be adjustable to suit your specific application. In the event that the Freezer Door is left open, the Door-Open Alarm will become operational. The Freezer also has sensors on the compressor to pre-alert the user of any abnormality.

The Freezer's Alarms can be attached to your Laboratory's Remote Alarm System in addition to the stand alone audible system. In the event of a power cut the Power Failure Alarm auto-resets the freezer to the set temperature once the power returns to the unit. The freezer has an Access Port to allow Independent Alarms and Monitors to be introduced.

The refrigeration system is specifically designed by Panasonic to reduce energy consumption and provide a fan-free condenser system to reduce noise levels.