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Panasonic Lab Oven - Laboratory Oven MOV Ovens
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Panasonic Lab Ovens - The Laboratory Oven range of high performance MOV lab ovens is designed for applications where the ultimate in sample protection and process timing is required.

These lab ovens are available in natural convection or forced air circulation, the microprocessor and PID temperature control systems ensure accurate temperature control over the range of 40°C to 250°C. The lab oven's automatic alarm systems ensure sample protection against temperature deviations over and under the set point. The timer facility offers a wide variety of process timing functions for improved efficiency and economy.

Panasonic now provides the MOV range of Lab Ovens since the Gallenkamp oven range of heating and drying ovens, previously manufactured, is no longer available.

The "S" range of MOV laboratory ovens can be used for dry heat sterilizing. These laboratory ovens have a built-in microprocessor timer that accurately adjusts the sterilization time. A consecutive display of the inner cabinet temperature is provided for quick confirmation of the time when samples should be removed. A Buzzer sounds at the end of the timer operation.. In combination with auto start and auto stop, operation patterns can be set for a wide range of applications

Other features of these Laboratory ovens / lab ovens include:

  • Sheathed heater ensuring durability and safety.
  • Natural convection models available for drying small samples and fine particles which would be scattered by a fan.
  • Fan forced air circulation models available for quicker drying.
  • Microprocessor timer function.
  • Temperature Ranges ambient +40°C to 200°C / 250°C