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Panasonic Incubator Shaker
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MIR-S100C Orbital Incubator Shaker 

This Orbital Incubator Shaker is designed as an incubator shaker for use in humidified incubators and Plant growth Chambers: this incubator shaker is humidity protected. The shaker's controller is independent of the shaker section with  an interface using waterproof connections.

InCusaFe antmicrobial copper alloy stainless steel is used for the shaker platform. Also, the shaker section is equipped with a small window that can be used for spraying decontaminating disinfectant inside.

The Incubator Shaker gradually accelerates until reaching the preset number of revolutions so that samples inside flasks and test tubes are not spilled, foamed or agitated excessively as to cause cell damage. Three levels of acceleration speed can be selected.

If the timer function is selected, the controller Indicates the time of operation from 0 to 99.9 hours in increments of 0.1 hour (6 minutes).

MIR-S100C Orbital Incubator Shaker in situ within a SANYO CO2 Incubator.

The Incubator Shaker is on a Stand and the Controller is on top of the Incubator

Auto recovery after power interruption
The Incubator Shaker automatically recovers after a power interruption and indicates that a power interruption has occurred.

Speed and Speed error alarm: Incubator Shaker
The Incubator Shaker can be set to speeds between 40 and 200 rpm. The Speed error Alarm indicates an error when the number of revolutions does not reach or exceeds the preset value.

Motor overload protection circuit
Detects over-current and automatically stops operation. Indicates an error when overload is applied to the motor.

Maintenance-required indicator
Automatically alerts you when maintenance is required or when bearings and belts need replacing after the operational hours exceed 10,000.

Incubator Shaker Compatibility

The MIR-S100C Panasonic Incubator Shaker can be used with Panasonic Incubators MCO 17 / 18 / 19 and 20 series CO2 Incubators and MLR Plant growth Cabinets. The MIR-S100C Incubator Shaker could also be used in other manufacturers incubators if they are large enough and have an access hole.